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Get Area Code 929
phone numbers -
New York

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929 Area code covers New York City, NY excluding Manhattan

If you are looking for a new phone connection in this area for your new business, you should consider our virtual phone number service which can provide your more facilities then a landline phone number. A landline phone has many problems and restrictions but a virtual phone number from 929 area can give you so many facilities for your remote business or your online shop.

We have been serving thousands of happy customers for years.

You may be thinking why you should choose a business phone number or why buy one. The benefits are incomparable but the cost is negligible.

929 area code dotcom is a child company of MyCountry mobile service. It provides virtual phone numbers with area code 929.
MyCountry mobile provides more facilities than a landline phone including voice mailing, call forwarding, waiting call recording and many more.
We provide 99.99% system uptime which will ensure you a better, smoother and uninterrupted connection.
Our packages start only from 4.99 dollars which is value for money.
We provide the best customer care service with our talented engineer and stuff
Your identity and data will be protected by our system.

Area coverage of area code 929

New York City, NY excluding Manhattan is served by the area code 929. The area code 718 also serves the same area. You can get a virtual phone number with this area code from Here are some counties located in this area.

Top cities and area under area code 929

Let’s see a list of top cities and areas under the area code 929 so that you can make your business decisions easily whether you should invest your business in this area or not. So you can see from this list that a city like New York is located under this area code which is a very popular and perfect place for new businesses.

Top industries and business in this area that you should know.

Now let us see the most and top industries under this area so that you can make decisions about your business which will be profitable for you. Besides starting a new business you should take a virtual phone number from 929 area to get the most profit.

Why Should I Get 929 Area Code Phone Number For My Business?

Financial Services.
Professional and Business Services.
Retail Trade.
Educational Services.
and lot’s of more business in this area
The reason behind the popularity of virtual phone number.
Virtual phone numbers are getting popular day by day because of its fantastic facilities. Virtual phone numbers can be customized with any area code of any country as well as it can be used with existing smartphones besides of the regular Sim. As a virtual phone is a software based communication system it need not to be maintained, no operator is needed and it is portable. If you cannot use your landline phone outside of your office, you can take a virtual phone number anywhere with your smartphone.

How will your business generate more profit using our virtual phone number?

Your business will get a dedicated virtual phone number from our services with a local area code.
As your phone number will have a local area code, customers of this area will treat your phone number as a local phone number and your business as a local business.
People generally trust shops from their local business. As they think that your business is a local business they will trust your business more and shop more from your business.
You can use our virtual phone number with local area code for marketing purposes of your business.
You can save thousands of dollars every month while making international calls at a local call rate.

Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

24/7 Support

What services are we offering.

Virtual phone number service with any area code.
99.99% system uptime
Call recording call waiting call forwarding services
Voice mailing service
Identity and data protection
Lowest price but best services
Unlimited calling and texting thesis
International call but local call rate
How should you order a virtual phone number for your business?
If you need a virtual phone number for your business in this area you can order it from 929 area and you have to login to our portal. You can login with your smartphone and can use our virtual phone number in your smartphone besides your regular screen from anywhere in the world. After logging in to our portal your personal phone number will be activated within 60 Seconds only.